Cyber World, Privacy, Humanity

A fascinating programme to listen to and think about including in the wider historical context.  It also touches on the notion of ‘friends’ – a word that in the social networking world is anyone – literally anyone –  by clicking an interactive button and another person clicking ‘confirm’ … no pressure, communication possible but not required nor any of the traditional positive aspects such as honesty, trust, care and concern.  Of course there are plenty of positive aspects such as being able to stay in touch easier with friends (the traditional kind) and family wherever they are.   And even if I was 18 again, when it comes to friendship and staying in touch, etc… I for one prefer a telephone call, a letter or a post card or even better a surprise visit.   It is important to stay IN CONTROL of what the WWW has to offer and not be controlled by it… not all that different to living in a dictatorship – just so much more difficult to spot!

Friendships need nurturing and like all relationships need a lot of work from both within it to make it work – a lovely song by The Lake Poets which was performed absolutely amazingly at The Sage Gateshead back in April


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