Everyone Deserves Love and Affection

Whether one is religious, spiritual without any religious allegiance or atheist the above quote is relevant, important and worthy of remembering every day, especially when things arent’ going great and yes, it sounds like a clichee with that in mind, a smile and daring to be kind in thought and deed even in adversity and gloominess everything feels lighter and easier even if not always better.  Sometimes it just requires a kind person/friend to remind one of this universal truth.

A fantastic day for some live music today in a private studio session with the aim of pre-recording my first radio interview with the talented young singer/songwriter Alistair Sheerin from Middlesbrough.  Initial assessment: it went well, of course it could have been heaps better, but then again it was a first attempt and I was lucky to have such an excellent, talkative interviewee.  Alistair’s EP sounds fantastic, although I have to admit I prefer the simplicity of voice and acoustic guitar and look forward to hearing the live guitar version of LIVE THE WAY WE SHOULD with it’s wonderful lyrics at some point in the future.  Here a track Alistair played live in the studio today:

 Start Again

He will be playing The Cluny 2 in Newcastle  next week supporting MODERN FACES alongside THE MEXANINES : APRIL 14th  (<–CLICK for TICKETS)


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