A Gem

The Old Cinema Launderette in Durham


Just sometimes in this day and age it is possible to find a genuine gem.   By day a friendly, efficient launderette focused on genuine customer service – by night (at least on those occasional enchanted ones) the washing machines and tumblers switch off to make way for the buildings original purpose: a venue for entertainment.  

A few weeks ago, after my weekly food shop I noticed the pale turquoise shop front of the old cinema which I had been looking out for.  Quickly alighted from my car and went in just to have a hot chocolate on a cold day, and chat to Mrs Wishy-Washy about the history of the building.  Set amidst some lapislazuli blue the giant washing machines appear somewhat accidental amongst film posters, old-fashioned washing powder boxes, original lamp shades and historic photos. 

Tonight, I went for a different launderette experience all-together: “Folk n’ Word” an evening of music and poetry. Variety is the spice of life and so indeed was the varied nature of poetry: death, sex, Trinidad, Haribo and Gregg’s custard doughnuts and a cello all featured.  I kid you not!  Musical poetry in French and English sung by Emilie Bold


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