Hurt and Mental Health

In HURT Johnny Cash manages to sum up someone I care about a lot.  Sometimes, however, friends and family are powerless to do anything unless the person concerned chooses to deal with and solve the problems/feelings/addictions/negative behaviour with all the available professional help without which the vicious cycle of trying and not quite managing continues causing a lot of hurt, ultimately leaving friends and family no choice but to step back.

Another song like so many that could be used on a campaign trail to promote mental health issues and more importantly that it is the sign of a strong man/woman who asks for professional support to deal with issues that would bring about a better life including for the circle of friends and family.

Below some sites that provide a starting point for dealing with situations and problems and be a stronger and much happier person and therefore better able to love and be loved:

A place to turn to to take a few days out for reflection and getting help finding the right kind of therapy:

Relationships should be all about mutual appreciation, support and HONESTY!


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