Reflections #2: Mental Health – Consequences and Choices

A collection of songs about lies, dishonesty, faking it etc….  the lyrics in these songs sum up so much.

Lies can be a defensive mechanism people adopt for so many reasons (lack of self esteem, shame, fear, guilt, addictive habit)  and while there may be short term gains and advantages the long term consequences are devastating and painful, especially for the person ‘needing’ lies to manage friendships and relationships, but just as much for those who love the ‘liar’ and care.

Beautiful lies, white lies, deliberate lies, lies to cover up something, lies to protect someone else’s feelings, lies to make oneself look better end up destroying the very things they aim to protect initially, usually important relationships.

Understanding the need or habit of why someone resorts to lies is just as important as taking action to counter act the destructive habit.

It’s important that those who care about and love the person with a problem and who are trying to help look after themselves first, and understand, other than encourage and support, there is nothing they can do, however sad and upsetting that realisation may be, to help or change the destructive behaviour.

For those trapped by their own negative and destructive behaviour patterns it is important to realise that it is their CHOICE and that there is plenty of professional help if they WANT to change and change their lives (and that of their loved ones) for the better.

More food for thought and possible starting points to find support can be found here:

If you know a good song relating to this topic why not suggest it below!


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