Amy Holford and others @TheCluny

Another great gig at the Cluny was today’s highlight.  the-outsider’s first of probably many events at the lovely Ouseburn venue was a showcase of talented local musicians across genres.  Whilst not necessarily to everyone’s taste an event like this helps break boundaries and there is always one or other gig goer who realises they actually like something they wouldn’t have imagined liking.  My surprise was liking the band Cauls and their heavy thrash yet melodic music.  It once again confirms my  view that if you love good music the genre somehow is insignificant as there is a situation for each to be enjoyable and appropriate even if it can leave the ears ringing for a while after listening.

The highlight for me was Amy Holford and her amazing voice, full of colour and many layers, especially her encore  and the song Sunflowers, in memory of her granddad, were incredibly moving and emotive!  Agerskow, Simon Taylor, Crooked Hands and Bandoliers are all equally accomplished musicians.  A good turn out made for a great atmosphere although on occasion one would wish for gig goers being more supportive to all acts rather than the one they specifically came to support.  At one poignant moment during the evening, however, the crossing-genres-meets-great-talent stunned the chatty audience in both halves of the Cluny to silence: Amy Holford’s enchanting, beautiful a capella encore of “Wayfaring Stranger” !  (Having listened to a number of different versions  – from Emmylou Harris via Johnny Cash to Eva Cassidy et al.-  Amy Holford LIVE a capella at the Cluny is the most moving and sublime …the power of her voice and stage presence for such a young singer is truly exceptional!)

My favourite of the night apart from Wayfaring Stranger:SUNFLOWER

For more links to the musicians’ music playing at the-outsider’s showcase:

Choose your own song for today on the outsider’s event page or his webpage:  Post a comment to share which of the 6 bands/singers or their songs you liked best! 

Don’t miss the amazing photos  by Spurious Nonsense Art Photography reflecting  the energy and great atmosphere  at THE-OUTSIDER@THE CLUNY’s inspired melting pot of local music.


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