January 20th – another Cluny gig

Help!  Today I am finding choosing a song really difficult as I listened to so much good music.  Beatles, Ryan Adams as well as working my way through my CDs – starting with the Beatles today – with old time favourite and No 1 in my birth year Hey Jude! Some quite personal and emotional, some just great music, and of course, it goes without saying a few tracks in memory of the brilliant Etta James – beauitful, powerful voice allowed to shine unadulterated.

So the tune for today’s post came late in the day at a gig: unusual, beautiful voices, great energy as well as soft and gentle sounds and wonderful lyrics!  The gig itself was fab despite the low numbers in the audience and one or two overly raucous and enthusiastic fans during  the TWHT set.  The Winter Hill Transmission will definitely go into my regular playlist! Both support acts were good too although Rexine seemed a little bit static and voice and sound not always complimentary.  A couple of great tracks from Pale Man Made, especially liked It started in 1966.



If I Ever See You Again

April Snow


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