5 things to do until I am 45

A good clear out brings to light all sorts.  In the process of moving rooms around and having a general start-of-the-year ‘de-clutter’ campaign I found a note to myself which I wrote when I was 40.  

Of the 5 items astonishingly 3  – while not quite achieved – are now either partially done or at least under sufficient planning  to have some chance of moving from the realms of dreams and hopes to becoming an achievement enjoyed by the time I am 45 (and beyond).  The travel item  requires more funds and may have to be transferred onto the ‘to be done by the time I am 50’ list – not written yet –  as my first priority remains facilitating the dreams and plans of my teenage daughters until such time that they are financially independent:  suffice to say there are many that require facilitation, motivation and funds.

The last item is a little bit more difficult as it can only be done the way it was intended with the right person.  So I guess it needs a bit of luck to tick that off my list and not just my hard work and dedication.  Fingers crossed!

I have chosen the Song for Day 10 of 2012 for its upbeat feeling and being a bit like a mantra:


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