So a day of surprises – all good as well! The Friday Song FINAL ACT by THE PORTRAITS is beautiful.  Quite a tall order to write lyrics and music from scratch in a week, inspired by other people’s stories, ideas, pictures, poems or ideas for covers.  Added to which “the song can be downloaded for free, or you have the option of choosing a price – and all proceeds from sales of the Friday Songs will go to The Burma Campaign ( who campaign for human rights and democracy in Burma, a cause close to our hearts.”  (THE PORTRAITS)

Fade the ghosts and dive into honesty         Where the strong are the first to seek help

And lies won’t repair

I like the above verse tremendously as it expresses so much wisdom.  Honesty and with it trust is such a key to all human relationships and so difficult to master. Can lies really repair feelings when they are expressed to protect the very same feelings? Can they really portray something or someone in a better light?  I feel strongly – but maybe wrongly so – lies of any kind may help in the short term, but never in the long run: they neither repair images nor feelings, nor can they be repaired easily once put out there.  The truth, gently and compassionately expressed, sometimes very painful,  creates a more beauitful human symphony in the end!

Maybe the title is a little misleading, but the ending certainly allows for a lot of possibilities and exploration…and not so final at all: ‘the world is a symphony’ and every time you step out there to listen it all sounds and feels a little different, depending on circumstances sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes neither… just different and all worthwhile somehow!

Today’s next surprise lay in the feelings and thoughts and the conversation inspired by the Phyllida Lloyd directed movie The Iron Lady.    Looking at another angle of such a prominent figurehead, a woman and her achievements whose politics and policies I have always opposed was a fascinating experience, especially as I shared it with my 19-year old post-Thatcher era  daughter.

MT is fantastically portrayed by the ever brilliant and talented Meryl Streep there is no doubt.  Whilst there is some controversy amongst the critics about the use of Thatcher’s dementia as a clever device for depicting her rise and fall through flashbacks it works well.  Some appear worried MT “isn’t given the ‘respect she deserves”  but the film makes it very clear she was a remarkable woman, with remarkable principles which she even more remarkably managed to follow.  However, whether this was merely the film’s reality or her actual reality it is striking and in my opinion her biggest weakness, that she was mostly very alone – an aspect that she only seemed to become aware of once it was all over and her husband had died! She had no close friends and advisors, especially following Airey Neave’s assassination by terrorists. Although one cannot diminish Dennis Thatcher’s loyalty and support regardless whether he agreed with her decisions or not.  Having close friends who can be trusted implicitly to say what needs to be said and not just what one wants to hear are one’s greatest asset and strength.

Last not least: perseverance and dreams can pay off.  Not that surprising that statement, but all too often it doesn’t appear like that.  Good TWITTER news is the gig mentioned on the other page with the MODERN FACES  is going ahead in Newcastle AND promoted by THE-OUTSIDER in April.


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