Turner Prize 2011 a brief excursion into modern … art?

It is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to have the exhibition for this prestigious contemporary art prize on our doorstep.  A mid morning trip to the Baltic with all three daughters in tow on this sunny Day 2 of 2012 – off to see some art…or so we thought.


Martin Boyce  – sculptural installations with reference to Martel’s cubist concrete trees in France:  very interesting concept and thought-provoking, but is it really art?

Hilary Loyd – lots of equipment to meander past with screens showing minimalist still lives of the urban environment:  Hmmm….

George Shaw – talentend artist whose use of enamel paint adds to the themes of his paintings: our favourite in terms of looking at ‘art’.

Karla Black – works of art/sculptural spaces made from largely temporary materials:  interesting follow up to our own creations many years ago in the garden (pic will follow if I can dig out the polaroid photo) made out of plastic, canes, wire, netting and ribbons with ours having the added bonus of being shelters.

Enjoyable and good for some thoughts on originality, creativity and the big question WHAT IS ART?

Song and Singer for January 2nd 2012

This is a song attached to a lovely memory of an evening at Sage Hall 2 in 2011.  John Grant has a fabulous voice and beautiful lyrics.

On the bella union site you can find a lot more about his album Queen of Denmark



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