Hello to 2012

Star-nosed moles are wondrous animals with a set of 22 highly sensitive tentacles surrounding their nose thus allowing them to find and identify the dangers and beauty of the world around them.

starnosedmoles  is my debut as blogger and I aim to find, identify and share and/or write about a song every day as well as to share other gems 2012 might have to offer.  As they are such amazing, unusual creatures  star-nosed moles are a great symbol for nature’s creativity thus making creativity in whichever area of life another focus for my blog.

Listen to Girls with some fantastic lyrics in “Forgiveness” to start a new year.  The idea of ‘a song a day’ is very much a little therapeutic personal venture to just keep myself going through some personal sadness which may inform the choice of song on many days.  At the same time it is the main frame and starting point for my blog.  I have no idea where the starnosedmoles will take me, but I am very excited about the myriad of possibilities….

Song and band for January 1st 2012

“The music of Girls is too beautiful to ignore. The melodies are pure California pop, the lyrics as simple and affecting as those of Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce (of whom White and Owens are big fans). Full of tales of heartbreak and friendship, Girls’ debut album, Album, comes across like a lo-fi Pet Sounds. It has an innocence that countless bands try to capture, a sense of childlike otherwordliness.”


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